Handling Frequent Tasks


Once I had to make an application (bpoloan) that will provide some money in the user’s account upon their request and then try to get it back later from their account. How many times a day it will try to debit, i.e., try to get the money back was configurable. So I came up with the following solution for picking up eligible users:
String nextCycle;
if(debitFrequency <= 24){
nextCycle = (24/debitFrequency) + “/24”;
nextCycle = ((24*60)/debitFrequency) + “/1440”;
String query = “update ” + tableSubscriberInfo + ” set processor_id = ‘” + threadName + “‘, event_id = ” + eventID + ” where active = 1 and modification_date < sysdate-” + nextCycle;

Here, if debitFrequency is 1 then nextCycle is “24/24”, so the condition check will be modification_date<sysdate-24/24 => modification_date<sysdate-1, so a user’s account will be debited after 24 hours of credit.

If debitFrequenct is 3 then nextCycle becomes “8/24”, so the condition check will be modification_date<sysdate-8/24 , so the application will try to debit after 8 hours of credit and will recurr after every 8 hours.

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